Super Easy Raspberry Dessert

2:09 PM

So in this post I will show you how to make quick yummy dessert with your favourite fruit and ice cream and chocolate or anything you like :) Its really level 1 in making desserts so tell me if you like it and if you make it :)

What you need for 2 persons:
100g raspberry or strawberry or blackberry or all of them or anything you like
3 spoons of sugar
vanilla ice cream (or chocolate)
ladyfinger cookie (or similar)
chocolate candies
whipped cream
and a smile :)


1. I used frozen raspberry (you can use fresh too)

2. Put it in a saucepan with little water and sugar. Turn on cooker. Mix it until you got suce cream. When it's done, allow it to get cool. (not in fridge)

3. In a glass put ladyfinger cookie and chocolate candies (or anything you like)


4. And vanilla ice cream

5. Then add raspberry cream and whipped cream (I used that one who was in the bottle)

6. You can also make layers with ingredients.

7. Or you can make it look like this.  (If you dont want to eat it immediately, dont put whipped cream until you want to serve it). You can keep it in the fridge :)

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  1. ohhh so yummy!!!:D
    please visit me in free time:)

  2. That looks sooo yummy! I need to get my hands in some raspberries but I dont think they are in season!!

  3. Great post! Nice blog.

  4. njami, njami...sutra odmah probavam :-)

  5. mmmm njaamii !!! I have to try :))

  6. Yummy, and i like the fact you used big glasses!!!


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